Sunless Sea

The Sunless Sea is an enormous underground cavern, mostly covered in a huge body of water.

That Jeleneth has survived this long is remarkable, but still remarkable yet is her efforts to escape her illithid captors and her repeated forrays into the cavern of the Sunless Sea to learn all she could.

She has learn that there are several caverns and cave complexes that lead off this emense location. In what Jeleneth calls the southern-most cave is her hide-away. It is a very old tomb belonging to a long forgotten mage. She calls this the Sanctuary.

From wall to coastline is roughly two miles as one moves “north” from her new home. The rock climbs quickly, in most places nearly vertical, into the open blackness that is the cavern ceiling. Some seven miles “north”, there is a westerly cave opening. She has not traveled far down this path, but there are often times fresh prints, both large and small, in the cave mouth.

As the shore continues nearly “north” it begins to widen and then passes two caverns only a couple miles apart. The first Jelenth is fairly certain leads to the City of the Glass Pool, but she has been avoiding this route since her escape, fearing that it will be well gaurded and much patrolled since. She has been searching for other avenues out of this accursed place, but as times goes on, she grows more and more adventurous and a little more desperate. The second of these caves she calles the Muttering Caves. This name has been given due to the strange voices and whisperings that seem to always be coming from this cavern. This she has also left relatively unexplored for fear that there is some living thing aactually making these noises.

A few more miles “north” brings her to the southern point of the [[Fiery Rift.]] This chasm in the cavern floor is enormous and intriguing, but it very warm and she has not been willing to find out how hot it gets further in.

North of the Rift, the shore opens up several miles. To the “west” is a cave that has many smaller cavern complexes shooting off of it. She has explored down this passage only a few miles and found nothing. Here the coastline turns “east and comes around to form a penninsula into the Sea. It is here that Jeleneth has occosionally seen columns of lighted smoke rising and sometimes bursts of light from magical attacks. She has also found a place where the ground is burned and blasted and refers to it as the Battlegrounds. She believes that there is a group of potential allies living either in the nearest cavern or on the island off the “northeast” side of the penninsula.

The only other sight is the small light source she often sees closer to home, but several miles out into the Sea. It seems to her, she will see several pinpoints of light floating around out above the surface of the still, black water.

Sunless Sea

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